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At Faulkner & Madden we believe that the best recommendations come from genuinely satisfied customers. We do not believe in inventing our own testimonials from un-contactable sources. 

Of course we are not saying that ALL testimonials are not genuine, in many cases they are, but how do you know they are just from a statement printed on a website. That is why we will put our prospective purchasers in direct contact with previous purchasers who have gone through the process before you and can tell you about their experiences first hand. This way you get the ask the questions most relevant to you. 

If you are about to entrust Faulkner & Madden to guide you through your purchase and would like to speak with someone who can vouch for us then we will be happy to put you in contact with a genuinely satisfied customer. Please speak with your property advisor for details. 

A sign of confidence in international property


As a Member of the Association of International Property Professionals, we have been vetted and approved and we have voluntarily committed ourselves to industry regulation. 

To learn more about the AIPP please click on the AIPP logo above or follow the link


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